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Underwater Post Office

Vanuatu Post has created an official Post Office with a difference. It is the world’s only Underwater Post Office.

The Underwater Post Office is situated within the Hideaway Island marine sanctuary in approximately 3 metres of water.  It’s proximity to the beach makes it easy for swimmers and snorkelers to post special “waterproof postcards”.  Instead of being stamped with ink to show that the card has been sent, the Post office has developed a new embossed cancellation device.  All are guaranteed to receive the special cancellation from this unique underwater paradise before being delivered both locally and internationally.

Placed on site by Vanuatu Post, this official and currently unique postal location was opened for business on Monday May 26, 2003. A special flag floats above the site.

Vanuatu’s Minister of Tourism recently donned snorkel gear and visited the Underwater Post Office to mail a few of his own postcards!

Vanuatu Post encourages visitors to literally look below the surface of this beautiful country and grab a mask, fins and snorkel, and visit the Underwater Post Office.  Its an adventure for you and a pleasure for the recipients of these unique postcards!